List of Qualified Medical Conditions for Health Home Eligibility Expands

It can be tough for Medicaid clients with serious, ongoing medical issues to navigate between medical providers, government benefits, and social support services. That’s where the Health Home program comes in. An HVCS  care manager coordinates all available services as part of an overall care plan with the goal of better health and quality of life, and fewer unnecessary trips to the emergency room or hospitalizations each year.

We’ve already expanded our care managers’ services beyond HIV/AIDS, and as of this month we’re able to help even more clients: we just received word that New York State has expanded the list of qualified medical conditions. The list of qualified diseases now includes chronic pain, cancers and liver issues, plus a lot more.

HVCS has been expanding its staff to serve more clients, and we’re taking the initiative to make more medical providers aware of our services. We’re continuing to build collaborative relationships with a wide network of providers to ensure all our clients get the care and services they need. Autumn truly is a season of change here at HVCS!

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