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All In A Day’s Work: Assisting a Client With Housing Issues

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Stock photo by Pexels.comDora*, a Health Homes client since 2016, has active mental health issues and does not leave her basement apartment much. Dora’s apartment in Westchester County had not been renovated since she moved there in 2018, and she had problems with vermin and structural safety concerns. The kitchen floor tiles were loose, a large metal ladder in her living room was not bolted in and was unstable, and her food pantry had no door. This exacerbated the vermin problem. She also had no bars on her windows and lives in a tough neighborhood. Her oven had not worked correctly in months, forcing her to use a microwave for all meals. The landlord had not been responding to her many attempts to have these issues fixed.

After advocating for the client and assisting her with various paperwork, our Care Assistant, Chiffon, got the Urban League (a division of the Department of Social Services) to perform inspections. (Urban League now checks on Dora once a month, too.) The landlord was forced to replace her entire apartment’s floor with beautiful wood grain boards, address the safety concerns, replace her stove, and arrange for an exterminator service. Chiffon also arranged for Dora to receive a food delivery service and SNAP (formerly known as food stamps). Dora has expressed great satisfaction with Health Home services. Great job, Chiffon!

*Not her real name. Stock photo used for illustrative purposes.

“Walk It Off” Program Coming This Spring For Our Poughkeepsie Health Home Clients

Friday, January 5th, 2018

walking in PoughkeepsieHudson Valley Community Services is pleased to announce a new add-on program for our Health Home clients living in Poughkeepsie. Thanks to a Community Change grant from America Walks, our new “Walk It Off” program will debut in the spring of 2018.

“Walk It Off” will enroll fifty Poughkeepsie residents who are living with obesity and at least one other chronic health condition and receiving care management services. The program will run for six months, with monthly sessions led by a program coordinator and mid-month follow-up meetings with each client’s care manager.

Sessions topics will include how to get started with a walking program, its health benefits, keeping motivated, where to walk, and safety. During each session, participants will identify a walking goal to achieve before the next session. They will receive a “walking map” of the city to help identify walking goals, which may include other support services in their community. If a client is struggling, their care manager will help them find ways to overcome barriers so they stay on track and achieve their walking goal. Clients will benefit from the program by losing weight, improving their cardiovascular health, and improving their self-confidence.

Dutchess & Ulster Health Home Care Managers Get Together

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Jen Brathwaite, our Assistant Director of Client Services, snapped a few pictures of our Ulster and Dutchess Health Home Care Management team meeting. Every other month, the teams have a “multi-county” Health Home team meeting and as part of the agenda they include team building activities. The staff have given a lot of positive feedback and enjoy these meetings, which are not only fun but also very informative.

Ulster and Dutchess Health Home care managers meet

Health home care managers from Ulster and Dutchess counties

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List of Qualified Medical Conditions for Health Home Eligibility Expands

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

It can be tough for Medicaid clients with serious, ongoing medical issues to navigate between medical providers, government benefits, and social support services. That’s where the Health Home program comes in. An HVCS  care manager coordinates all available services as part of an overall care plan with the goal of better health and quality of life, and fewer unnecessary trips to the emergency room or hospitalizations each year.

We’ve already expanded our care managers’ services beyond HIV/AIDS, and as of this month we’re able to help even more clients: we just received word that New York State has expanded the list of qualified medical conditions. The list of qualified diseases now includes chronic pain, cancers and liver issues, plus a lot more.

HVCS has been expanding its staff to serve more clients, and we’re taking the initiative to make more medical providers aware of our services. We’re continuing to build collaborative relationships with a wide network of providers to ensure all our clients get the care and services they need. Autumn truly is a season of change here at HVCS!

Emergency Funds for Health Homes Clients Now Available

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Since the majority of our clients live at or below the poverty level, our care managers frequently come across clients who are homeless, in temporary housing, or in danger of being evicted. They also struggle to afford basic utilities and services. It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re worried about keeping a roof over your head or keeping the electricity flowing–and things get even tougher without housing.

Thankfully, HVCS’ three-year-old Housing program provides emergency and short-term rent and utility assistance for eligible HIV-positive clients. However, because of funding restrictions, this program wasn’t available for our non-HIV clients–until now. HVCS has allocated funds towards housing and utility emergencies for our Health Home clients living with chronic diseases other than HIV–so now all our clients in need can access emergency housing assistance to keep them safe, warm, and as healthy as possible.

Urgent Call for Donations: Family in Need

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Call for DonationsA Family in Need

“I’ve never seen a family survive with so little,” said one of our Health Home care managers this week. She let us know that a new client and her large family are in dire need of basic essentials, from children’s clothing to furniture to cleaning supplies. “They have almost nothing…no living room furniture, mattresses on the floor. Other school kids tease her girls for wearing the same clothes every day.” To help, we’re accepting donations for this local family:

  • Gift cards to popular stores like Wal-Mart and Target (for clothes and household items) or Staples (for school supplies): drop off at any office* or mail to: HVCS, 40 Saw Mill River Rd., Hawthorne NY 10532
  • New or very gently used girls’ clothing for ages 3 to 12 – drop off at our Monticello or Newburgh offices
  • Basic school supplies: drop off at our Monticello or Newburgh offices
  • New or gently used household and furniture items: call the Monticello office at (845) 791-8871 x11.

Your contributions will be truly appreciated and will help this family live healthier and with dignity!

*Please call in advance to make sure one of our staff can greet you and accept your donation.