A Delicious Thanksgiving – Thanks to Sofregit!

Sofregit donates their Red Herb Butter to our Poughkeepsie food closet On Tuesday, November 19th, the sassy ladies from SOFREGíT™ stopped by our Poughkeepsie office to donate supplies for our clients’ Thanksgiving food bags. Adrienne and Carla Ramos brought 24 of their Red Herb & Vegetable Bases so that our clients can add some zing to their meals. Pronounced So-fre-geet, “Sofregit” is of Latin origin which means to cook or  sauté slowly. SOFREGíT™ Fresh Cooking Base products allow clients to add fresh herbs and veggies to kick off a healthy, tasty meal with ease. They also dropped off a donation of fresh salsas from My Brother Bobby’s Salsa. Plus, Carla added, “we brought the kids along so they gain an appreciation for givingSofregit's Red Herb and Vegetable Base back to the community.”

It’s rare that we get donations of fresh products like these, mainly due to the challenge of distributing them in a timely fashion. But with Thanksgiving coming up, we know that we’ll be seeing clients this week. Some funding sources for our food closets don’t allow us to purchase herbs and spices, so Sofregit products are especially appreciated!

Hungry clients will be picking up their holiday meals from our emergency food closet this week, and they’re certain to find these delicious treats in their bags. Thank you Sofregit and My Brother Bobby’s Salsa for remembering our clients!

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