Thank you for supporting our drug treatment programs!

Thank you for donation to Hudson Valley Community Services! You’re helping us build a solid foundation of personal health for people like Nadia who need non-judgmental support while they struggle with addiction. Your gift enables our drug treatment programs to reach more people in need, train more family members and service providers on how to reverse opioid overdoses, and remove more used syringes from our streets.

You will receive an official thank-you letter and receipt for tax purposes by mail.

We envision the Hudson Valley as a place where all people, regardless of socio-economic status, live healthy lives and have access to the coordinated care they need to maintain their health. And by health, we mean all aspects: physical, mental, social and self-worth. A healthy Hudson Valley connects people living with serious, long-term illnesses with a wide variety of support systems to optimize their health and well-being, from great nutrition to access to services, freedom from the challenges of drug use to eliminating the stigma that co-infects those with HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, and other diseases. The healthy Hudson Valley we picture is one in which underserved, disenfranchised communities cease to lag behind their more affluent neighbors on all health indices.

Thank you again for joining us in making our vision a reality.