Frequently Asked Questions

Hudson Valley Community Services (HVCS) will be merging with Cornerstone Family Healthcare (CFH) in the first quarter of 2021. Cornerstone is also a nonprofit healthcare organization with a wide variety of services, and already shares a commitment to providing quality health and wellness services to anyone in need. As a merged organization, we will be stronger, together, and able to offer you a much more robust range of services.

If you are a client of HVCS, please read on for answers to common questions you may have about this merger.

What’s Going On:
Hudson Valley Community Services (HVCS) is merging with Cornerstone Family Healthcare, a large non-profit healthcare provider that serves the Hudson Valley. Cornerstone is based in Orange County, NY and has 16 facilities in our region. HVCS will continue to exist as a brand of Cornerstone. The merger is supposed to happen in Winter 2021 once several government bodies give their approval. HVCS will continue to provide HIV-related and health home services for people with chronic illnesses.

What does this merger mean for me?
Most HVCS clients will see or feel no difference in the services they receive. HVCS will still provide HIV case management, support services, nutrition services, transportation, HIV/STD/Hepatitis prevention education, and health home care management for those with chronic illnesses.

Why is this merger happening and how does a merger help?
The healthcare environment is changing rapidly and HVCS needed to make a strategic partnership in order to survive and serve its clients. As a result, we will be able to offer a full continuum of care to our clients. Both HVCS and Cornerstone will be stronger by integrating their administrative (non-service) departments.

Our clients will have easier, faster and better access to medical services, substance use treatment services, and essential support. As a merged organization, we will be able to provide better coordinated care for you, tailored to your needs.

We plan on offering more telemedicine (seeing a Cornerstone doctor by video chat) and more referrals to in-person care at their brick-and-mortar clinics. We will also be able to offer comprehensive substance (drug) use treatment.

Am I losing my HVCS worker?
No. The HVCS staff who serve you will remain (unless they individually and separately seek other employment). No HVCS staff is being laid off or will lose their job.

Is HVCS closing any offices?
No. HVCS is keeping all of its current locations (and programs) open.

Is HVCS going away?
No. HVCS’ current programs will continue uninterrupted after the merger and will still be known publically as HVCS. Staff members will then be known as Cornerstone employees, though.

What happens to the HVCS name?
Hudson Valley Community Services (HVCS) will continue as a brand or division of Cornerstone. Our website will still exist as

Is Cornerstone a non-profit agency?
Yes, just like HVCS, Cornerstone is a 501(c )(3) not-for-profit corporation, governed by a board of directors. Any profits made must be funneled back into Cornerstone for additional service enhancements and programs.

What if I have other questions?
You can contact HVCS’ Public Relations department at (914) 785-8326 or visit to write to us. Questions and responses will not be shared publically but in order to reply to a written message or voicemail you must leave your email or phone number. Our staff are still working out some details of the merger so we may not be able to answer every question right away but we will share as much information as we can.