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Hudson Valley Gives


Hudson Valley Gives, May 18, 2022


At Cornerstone Family Healthcare and HVCS, we believe that nutritious food is medicine. And everyone has the right to better nutrition, regardless of income and social status. No one deserves to go hungry. We simply can’t let our patients and clients go without food.

That’s why we operate fourteen food closets throughout the Hudson Valley. These emergency food closets can provide bags of nonperishable groceries to immediately alleviate hunger, and tide a family over until they can access other supplemental nutrition sources. We shepherd these patients to our in-house WIC and Nutritional Outreach and Education Program so they can access free foods and SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) benefits. We also refer them to area food banks, soup kitchens, shelters, and other available supports. And we provide more food the next month, and onward, if needed.

Our emergency food closets allow us to address a family’s immediate needs. We also use food bags as an incentive to encourage those who have been lost to care to come in and see us. HVCS also provides nutritious snacks to clients experiencing homelessness, a step that builds their trust in us and lets them know we are on their side.

The custom of breaking bread together has endured for centuries because sharing food builds bonds, and, when that food is healthy, builds health and wellness. These food resources are only one way that we care for our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. We’re able to help patients and families in need immediately with food on our closet shelves. Please help us stock our emergency food closets for the season—when usually supplies dip. All donations made during Hudson Valley Gives will be used for our emergency food closets—100% of your contribution will go to help someone in need because we operate our food closets with no overhead expenses. No act of generosity is too small to make a difference. On behalf of all of us at Cornerstone and HVCS, thank you for your continued generosity and support!



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