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Dutchess & Ulster Health Home Care Managers Get Together

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Jen Brathwaite, our Assistant Director of Client Services, snapped a few pictures of our Ulster and Dutchess Health Home Care Management team meeting. Every other month, the teams have a “multi-county” Health Home team meeting and as part of the agenda they include team building activities. The staff have given a lot of positive feedback and enjoy these meetings, which are not only fun but also very informative.

Ulster and Dutchess Health Home care managers meet

Health home care managers from Ulster and Dutchess counties

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Innovation at Work: HVCS’ New Yiddish-Speaking Care Manager

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Because we’re always working to enhance our services and deliver quality care and access to everyone who needs it in the Hudson Valley, HVCS announces the creation of a new position to specifically serve the region’s Yiddish-speaking population. “Language and cultural sensitivity can be huge barriers to working with some communities,” said Saqib Altaf, HVCS’ Director of Client Services. “By tailoring our approach to outreach and hiring culturally-sensitive staff, we’re able to expand our services and offer help to those unable to connect with traditional healthcare providers.” Our new Yiddish-speaking care manager, Yossie Lebovic, started this month and works primarily with clients in Rockland and Orange counties.