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“Walk It Off” Program Coming This Spring For Our Poughkeepsie Health Home Clients

Friday, January 5th, 2018

walking in PoughkeepsieHudson Valley Community Services is pleased to announce a new add-on program for our Health Home clients living in Poughkeepsie. Thanks to a Community Change grant from America Walks, our new “Walk It Off” program will debut in the spring of 2018.

“Walk It Off” will enroll fifty Poughkeepsie residents who are living with obesity and at least one other chronic health condition and receiving care management services. The program will run for six months, with monthly sessions led by a program coordinator and mid-month follow-up meetings with each client’s care manager.

Sessions topics will include how to get started with a walking program, its health benefits, keeping motivated, where to walk, and safety. During each session, participants will identify a walking goal to achieve before the next session. They will receive a “walking map” of the city to help identify walking goals, which may include other support services in their community. If a client is struggling, their care manager will help them find ways to overcome barriers so they stay on track and achieve their walking goal. Clients will benefit from the program by losing weight, improving their cardiovascular health, and improving their self-confidence.