Transgender People Less Likely to Have Healthcare

The Henry K. Kaiser Family Foundation recently released an intriguing issue brief on LGBT healthcare entitled “Health and Access to Care and Coverage for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals in the U.S.” The report is chock-full of fascinating statistics from a variety of recent studies. Check out the full report for sources.

While lesbian, gay, and bisexual  individuals have higher rates of unmet medical needs and are less likely to have a regular provider compared to heterosexual people, transgendered people have it far worse.

  • 48% of transgender people have postponed or went without medical care due to not having enough financial resources.
  • 39% of transgender people have experienced some type of harassment or discrimination when seeking health care.

Transgender people also face higher poverty levels, have higher suicide rates, and huge disparities in HIV/AIDS and STI infection rates.

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