Westchester County's First Gay Pride Event

Westchester’s first LGBTQ Pride event is here…FINALLY!

Westchester County didn’t have a pride festival…that is until NOW! More to the point, we’re making up for lost time with an event like none other in our area!

Join ARCS, the rest of the Westchester Pride Coalition and hundreds of LGBTQ Westchester residents for a day of WESTCHESTER PRIDE at PLAYLAND, when your LGBT family, friends, allies, and kids of all ages come to celebrate. Better yet, your discounted admission gets you onto all the rides, all day, and all you want.

WEAR RED! We’re encouraging all attendees to wear something red so that we stand out loud and proud!

Your first stop will be the Pride Pavilion right inside Playland, where you can peruse the vendors selling LGBT paraphernalia, or take in some light entertainment, or meet and greet your friends and make new ones. Come and visit the LGBT organizations and groups that make up the Westchester Pride Coalition, the guys and gals who are making it all possible!

Then it’s time to hit those rides! A variety of mealtime and ride Meet-Ups are scheduled throughout the day, where we’ll set a time and ride for various components of our LGBT community, so you can meet new friends, just like you! Don’t forget, Playland has dozens of rides for smaller kids, so you gay moms and dads out there be sure to bring your children.

We’ll have entertainment throughout the day, including a special contest for the area’s greatest musical acts! Order your tickets now by visiting WestchesterPride.org. We’ll see you there!

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