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HIV Prevention Play Makes the Pages of POZ Magazine!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

The next issue of POZ magazine will feature an article about Dan Gallagher, a former ARCS prevention educator, who wrote and produced a traveling HIV prevention play entitled “Between the Seams.” This short theatrical piece, aimed at adolescents, tells several stories from the perspective of HIV-positive teenagers who step out of their AIDS Quilt panels. “Between the Seams” travels to Hudson Valley high schools to dramatize the AIDS epidemic, and is able to emotionally connect teens with the realities of being positive. For several years, ARCS housed the “Between the Seams” program thanks to grants from the Dyson Foundation. The play is now produced by the AIDS Theater Project New York, and ARCS will provide funding for five performances this fall.

Congratulations, Dan!

Curtain Up: Between the Seams article in POZ magazine