Urgent: Client Need Alert for Sullivan County!

ARCS’ Sullivan County has received two requests from clients in dire need of furnishings for their new homes. Both have moved from transitional housing to new homes in Liberty, NY.

The first client currently sleeps in a chair. She hopes someone will donate a twin mattress, box spring, and frame. Her partner, who is paralyzed and also positive, needs a feeding tray on wheels, such as they use in hospitals, that fits over a hospital bed.

The second client is in need of a queen sized mattress, box spring, and frame. She has also asked for help in finding curtains and rods for privacy, a kitchen table, four chairs, a TV (if possible) and handicap rails for a bathroom (with easy-to-mount suction cups if possible).

Because these clients have physical limitations, donors must be willing to deliver these items to the clients’ homes in Liberty. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them, please contact us at (914) 785-8326. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the Federal law. Thank you for your generosity!

If possible I would need somebody to deliver it because both clients’ are not able/ capable to pick it up themselves due to physical limitations.

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