Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities at our Hawthorne Office

HVCS’ Education Department is looking for someone to help out with cleaning out our famous “Condom Room” in our Hawthorne office. We’re looking for someone who is OK with lifting heavy boxes, breaking down cardboard, and has a great sense of organization. This should only take a few hours of volunteer time.

Our Client Services department is on the hunt for a helper to assist with cleaning out our File Room. This involves pulling old files from filing cabinets and shredding papers. This project will take several days of work, and can be done a few hours at a time. There’s no deadline or huge rush, however. The volunteer needs to be a self-starter and OK with spending many hours alone in the file room – slipping on some headphones and working along to your own music is highly encouraged!

Both opportunities are available Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

If interested, please contact J. Dewey by email or by phone at (914) 785-8326. Thank you for your interest in HVCS!

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