HVCS Lands Expanded Housing Grant

Affordable housingHVCS recently received word that we were successful in our application to renew and expand our housing program for HIV-positive clients. The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute is funding a five-year grant to provide emergency rental and utility assistance, and short-term rental assistance, starting on July 1, 2016. While we have had this program for several years, the renewal provides more funds so we can help even more people than before. For the very first time, we will also be able to provide long-term rental assistance for high-need HIV/AIDS clients on Medicaid. Both arms of the program will be available throughout our seven-county region. “Adding long-term assistance to the program is a huge boon,” said HVCS’ Client Services Director, Ginny Schneider. “We know from running the program for years now that many of our clients need more than short-term assistance.” The goal is to keep HIV-positive clients in stable housing for as long as possible so they can focus on their health and work towards a more permanent solution to their housing issues.

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