HVCS’ Financial Statistics for 2013

Financial Statistics for HVCS, 2012-2013The tables and charts at left show HVCS’ overall financial picture for Fiscal Year November 2012 to October 2013. In the past year, Medicaid revenue jumped to record highs with the introduction of the new Health Home system. While this translates to a greatly improved financial standing for the agency, we expect that New York State will continue to make adjustments and changes to Health Homes as the system unfolds. Many of these financial gains came by performing outreach to newly-eligible potential clients, but these people may not enroll as ongoing clients (with us or with any Health Home provider). Thus, while the Statement of Activities shows higher income than expenses, it is likely that future Medicaid revenue will even out and normalize over time.

HVCS was able to withstand the Great Recession and its ensuing government budget cutbacks and a downturn in philanthropy thanks to sound fiscal management. We’re able to survive and maintain a high level of service for all our clients due to stable financial policies and rigorous, watchful oversight. We take our role as stewards of taxpayers’ dollars very seriously.


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