Honestly From HVCS – A Podcast

“Honestly From HVCS” is an occasional podcast from our Community Education and Prevention department that brings you real, honest talk about health-related issues that most people find difficult to talk about. We’re here to encourage you to advocate for your own health and be your own champion. You know your body best and what your best life looks like. We give you the information you need to make informed choices.

New episodes come out a few times per month. Subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts (including Apple Podcasts and Spotify) or you can listen to episodes on our Anchor.fm site using the links below.

Season 2:

Locks That Rock – And Give Back (September 2021)

Nutrition: Access and Equity, Part 1 (July 2021)

Pride Month, Parts 1-3 (June 2021)

Opioids and Substance Use Disorder (Part 1) (May 2021)

The Lowdown on Hep C (Part 2) (April 2021)

The Lowdown on Hep C (Part 1) (April 2021)

All About PrEP: PEP (April 2021)

COVID, HIV and STDs (March 2021)

It’s A Snap! Accessing Nutritional Resources for Health (February 2021)

Public Health and Preventive Medicine (February 2021)

Season 1:

Talking Sex with a Peer (January 2020)

PrEP, PEP and Hep A (January 2020)

The Condom Episode (January 2020)

STD Myths: The Truth Is Out There (January 2020)

Testing for STDS: What You Need to Know (February 2020)

Community Resources, Stigma-Free Zones (February 2020)

Let’s Talk About Porn (Part 1) (December 2020)

Let’s Talk About Porn (Part 2) (December 2020)

Let’s Talk About Porn (Part 3) (December 2020)

PTSD and Sexual Assault (December 2020)