High Impact Prevention & Surveillance Project

The High Impact Prevention & Surveillance Project (HIPS) seeks to prevent HIV transmission and improve health outcomes among people living with HIV. HIPS does this by:

  • Engaging those at highest risk of HIV and STD infection and getting them connected to HIV testing
  • Linking people living with HIV to medical care so they can lower their viral load (and become virally suppressed)
  • Linking those at high risk for HIV infection to behavioral health, social and biomedical (PrEP, for example) services.

The program’s goals are to:

  • Increase HIV testing, STD screenings, and hepatitis C (HCV) testing
  • Reduce new HIV, STD infections among network members and their partners
  • Increase PrEP coverage and adherence among those at highest risk
  • Reduce late diagnoses and concurrent AIDS diagnoses (being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS at the same time, usually a sign that the person has been HIV-positive for a while)
  • Improve linkage to care and viral suppression
  • Identify and remove barriers to accessing HIV treatment and prevention services
  • Reduce HIV-related health disparities.

HIPS operates in Orange County, NY.

For more information, contact:

Naomi Kabalkin-Bunnenberg
Phone or text: (845) 704-7624