Free HIV Home Testing Kits Offered By NYSDOH

bob style wigsAs part of the Governor’s plan to end the AIDS epidemic in New York State, the Department of Health’s AIDS Institute is pleased to announce a free statewide HIV Home Test Giveaway. This is an innovative strategy to address a gap in HIV testing among gay men, men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender or gender non-conforming people who have sex with men.  The AI, in collaboration with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and OraSure, the manufacturer of OraQuick® in-home HIV test, are making home HIV test kits available to eligible recipients now through July 7, 2017.
To be eligible to receive a free home test kit, participants must meet the following criteria: identify as a gay man; MSM; transgender or gender non-conforming person who has sex with men; be at least 18 years of age; reside in NYS (excluding NYC); and have never been diagnosed with HIV. If the participant is determined to be eligible, they will be asked to provide their email address where they will receive a discount code and instructions for redeeming a free HIV home test kit via OraSure’s website. Upon completion of the follow-up survey, participants will have the option to
receive a $20 electronic Amazon gift card. If the participant is determined to be ineligible, they will be referred to the AI website where there will be additional resources and information related to HIV testing.
Please visit to see if you’re eligible for a free home HIV test kit.

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2 Responses to “Free HIV Home Testing Kits Offered By NYSDOH”

  1. Elizabeth Bootin says:

    The program is closed and I need help with getting a free in home test kit for my brother who doesn’t go out in public anymore he has ptsd and he is afraid of being in a crowd and around people he doesn’t know, I know he hasn’t been active in almost a year since he stopped going out and stopped letting guests come over he gets his meals delivered to his home an left outside his door or sometimes I come over to bring over groceries but it’s very rarely an he hasn’t gone to a dr in a few years he can’t use public bathrooms and has not gotten a blood drawn test ever he is terrified of needles an he didn’t renew his insurance an when I bring it up to help him renew he says what’s the point if the drs won’t come to him an he doesn’t go out side to the drs or use his benefits so he doesn’t need it he said he is willing to do this at home test an also the 23&me test since it’s only saliva and does not require any blood being drawn an I do not work a normal job since I go to chemo every few days an I very occasionally like one weekend a month I will pet sit and make $25 taking care of a rabbit when my cousin goes away for a weekend once a month an has me watch it and I saved up 8 months of pet sitting just to pay for the 23&me test that also included the health just to buy it for him so he can take the test but it did not have any std or hiv tests apart of it so now I am asking around an looking around for finding any program to help get a free or cheaper test kit to be able to test him for all the stds and hiv and when I was at my rheumatologist there was a woman there who works as a drug rep and she told me about your company that your company is giving out free in home hiv test kits and I should just type it into google for ur test kit and free and I have been having a hard time finding the link for a free kit from ur company for nyc, I found for Florida and I found this program who would also offer a $20 amazon gift card which would have been perfect even if it didn’t offer the 20$ gift card but I see that I am to late to sign him up for the free kit for ur program and I’m asking if there is please please anyway u have any more free kits avaialable I can send to his house and I will give u his address and all his info you may require and if u want a review I can also do a review I already do quite a number of reviews of a lot of vitamins that offer free full size bottles on vitamins so I can get him his vitamins and I also have done some reviews on scar patches and scar oil for me after the car accident and I also have done a few turmeric & ginger capsules reviews which I can’t express how wonderful they work to help relieve pain & nausea associated with cancer and also rheumatoid arthritis and if there’s any way I can help with doing a review so my brother is able to take this hiv test even though he hasn’t been with another guy in almost a year since they broke up since he doesn’t go out in public anymore an doesn’t want people over anymore an the ptsd got really bad he thankfully has been able to do his therapy over the phone & Skype & even text messages sometimes when he is feeling more antisocial anyways I know he has never gotten tested for anything that had required a blood drawn, he said he gotten urine tests and that’s it, if theres any way please let me know, I apologies for begging I know I am sure u probably get a lot of people asking for free samples or free kits or free things an it must be annoying but if you have read this far and the answer is still that there’s nothing u can do to help then thank you for reading at least and I hope you have a wonderful year and a great thanksgiving.

    • J. at HVCS says:

      Hello, thanks for writing in. The NYS AIDS Institute announced that they were going to be giving away free oral home tests. I believe they give a coupon that gets turned into a pharmacy to get the actual test. And the letter we received stated that the initiative is going until the end of January but it is for MSM (men who have sex with men). I can’t gather your brother’s sexual orientation from what you wrote but if he does identify as such we can get him one through them. Can we give you a call to discuss? Email us at with your phone number.
      This is the hyperlink that AI sent out:
      Also, what is your brother’s level of risk? You wrote that he has never been tested, but has he been sexually active? If not he may not need testing. We normally advocate that everyone know their status but if he hasn’t been sexually active or shared needles with anyone, testing may not be warranted at this time.

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