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September is Sexual Health Awareness Month


This month we’re talking about sexual health and you. How you can get to know your body and get to know yourself. September is Sexual Health Awareness Month. According to the American Sexual Health Association, sexual health must go beyond outdated views of simply avoiding disease or unplanned pregnancy and should include experiencing pleasure and intimacy when desired, along with respecting the sexual rights we all share. As you think about what sexual health means, you should try to think about your own definitions of sex and how that relates to your body. Much like general physical and mental health, sexual health is just as important to your overall well-being. Educating yourself on your body and knowing what you need is important to being healthy. Your body, your mind, and your desires all matter when it comes to self-care.

Knowing and understanding sexual health means understanding what safer sex looks like. Some good questions to consider are:

  • What does safer sex look like for diverse bodies?
  • How can we make sure we’re being safe and taking care of ourselves?
  • What are your needs and what are your desires?

As you delve into sexual health, it’s about being aware of not only your particular body, but also your potential partners! Whatever your gender or sexual orientation may be, it’s important to embrace your sexuality, educate yourself on safer sex, and respect others’ boundaries.

–courtesy of HowardBrown.org.